Teaching ESL students in mainstream classrooms

Teaching ESL students in mainstream classrooms: Language in learning across the curriculum is an innovative professional development program for all teachers working with students who are learning through a language that is not their primary language. The program:

  • identifies the language-related needs of ESL students and develops teaching practices that address their needs in a holistic and explicit manner
  • develops teachers' awareness of how to accommodate the cultural and linguistic diversity and experiences of ESL students
  • provides a positive context for teachers to trial suggested strategies and reflect critically and openly on their teaching
  • shows how to develop collaborative working relationships between teachers (across subject areas) through a shared understanding of how to support ESL students.

Tutor Training Program

  • This program is an intensive five-day train-the-trainer professional development program for teachers.
  • Tutor Training is delivered in host schools around the world to small groups of up to 20 teachers.
  • Successful graduates become resident school-based Tutors who deliver the Teacher Development Course. This provides your school with cost effective, school-managed professional development.
  • The cost of the Tutor Training is AUD$4375 (GST to be applied for Australian venues).


Teacher Development Course

As a Teaching ESL students in mainstream classrooms trained Tutor, you can deliver the Teacher Development Course in your own school.

The course incorporates group workshops, classroom-based activities and highly practical readings. It provides teachers, working across the curriculum, with successful classroom strategies for improving the learning achievements of all their students—with a focus on their ESL students.

Trained Tutors deliver 25 hours of face-to-face learning in nine modules which, when combined with between module readings and activities, is equivalent to more than 50 hours of professional development for teachers.


Teacher Development Course Outline

As a trained Tutor you can deliver the following modules in your school.

Module 1: ESL students and learning in a second language

Module 2: Language and learning and the role of scaffolding

Module 3: Oral language: How the task shapes the talk

Module 4: Using oral language: Interpreting and producing oral texts

Module 5: Working with written and visual texts

Module 6: Working with written and visual texts at the text level

Module 7: Developing knowledge of language

Module 8: Assessing written texts

Module 9: Programming and whole-school models of support for ESL students



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