How language works

How language works: Success in literacy and learning is a comprehensive and innovative professional development program for educators seeking to extend their understandings about language and literacy. The program aims to:

  • make the workings of the language system explicit in constructing knowledge across all learning areas and in all facets of teaching and learning
  • build understandings about the patterned ways meanings are made within and across genres so that educators are able to develop students' language resources to understand and produce those genres
  • enable participants to understand and use the differences between spoken and written language, both as a teaching and a learning tool
  • develop the ability to assess language explictly and efficiently to support the learning of all students
  • promote a teaching and learning cycle that provides opportunities for an explicit focus on language as part of a rich learning environment.

Tutor Training Program

  • This program is an intensive five-day train-the-trainer professional development program for classroom teachers, particularly those with a knowledge and interest in literacy issues in education.
  • Tutor training is delivered in host schools around the world to small groups of up to 20 teachers.
  • Successful graduates of the training become resident school-based Tutors who deliver the Teacher Development Course. This provides your school with cost-effective, school-managed professional development.
  • The cost of the Tutor Training is AUD$4375 (GST to be applied for Australian venues).


Teacher Development Course

As a How language works trained Tutor, you can deliver the Teacher Development Course in your own school.

The course incorporates group discussion, small group activities, classroom-based research and highly practical readings. It is designed to develop teachers' understandings about language and literacy using a functional model of language.

Trained Tutors deliver 30 hours of face-to-face professional development in 10 modules which, when combined with between module activities and readings, is equivalent to more than 60 hours of professional development for teachers.


Teacher Development Course Outline

As a trained Tutor you can deliver the following modules in your school.

Module 1: Building understandings of genre and register

Module 2: Applying understandings of genre and register

Module 3: Representing experience

Module 4: Focusing on language resources for representing experience

Module 5: Making connections—Working with clauses

Module 6: Making connections across a text

Module 7: Language for organising meanings—Orientation and flow

Module 8: The power and the passion—Interacting with others

Module 9: Taking a stance—Expressing attitude and engaging with other views

Module 10: Macro-scaffolding language and learning



Seeking accreditation from tertiary institutions

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