Post Course Knowledge

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Module 1: ESL students and learning in a second language

Understand what affects ESL students' learning; Develop an ability to use the knowledge and understandings ESL students bring to the learning situation; Understanding some of the factors that impact on learning an additional language

Module 2: Language and learning and the role of scaffolding

Understand the relationship between language; Texts (genre), their purpose and contexts; Build understanding about a teaching and learning cycle that scaffolds language development

Module 3: Oral language: How the task shapes the talk

Understand the role of oral language in learning; Engage in language activities that can be used to enhance oral language development across the curriculum

Module 4: Using oral language: Interpreting and producing oral texts

Identify issues for ESL students as listeners and speakers as they engage in a range of different learning tasks; Use criteria checklists and other tools to make oral tasks and assessment requirements explicit

Module 5: Working with written and visual texts

Explore how meaning is made through visuals and language; Identify a range of genres used across the curriculum; Identify the schematic structure and language features of different genre

Module 6: Working with written and visual texts at the text level

Support ESL students with reading by focusing on text structure and language features

Module 7: Developing knowledge about language

Understand how students can use language to express themselves in more technical and expert ways as they move through schooling; Understand the use of the nominal group in complex texts; Increase understanding about the role of nominalisation in teaching

Module 8: Assessing written texts

Determine how accessible a chosen text is for students; Using language-based criteria in assessment tasks

Module 9: Programming and whole-school models of support for ESL students

Program using explicit lanugage focus; Develop a whole-school framework for supporting ESL students