Are Unlocking the World programs accredited with any tertiary institutions?

Tertiary institutions may provide credit for completion of Unlocking the World Tutor Training programs or Teacher Development courses. Our advice is to approach the institution of your choice using the following guidelines.

The process of accreditation is generally divided into two phases.

1. Precedence and intellectual rigour of the course

The first is to ascertain whether your chosen institution has accredited any of these courses before. If not, then you must establish the intellectual rigour and pedagogical soundness of the course. This is usually done by sending an outline of the course (found in the introduction of the manuals), the number of contact hours and non-contact hours, the reading titles (and total number of pages), and the kinds of activities that are completed between each module.

2. Demonstrating your participation and your understanding of the course content

The second is to certify your full participation and demonstrate the depth of your study and the understandings you have gained from the course. This is achieved by compiling a folio of all the reading reports and between module activities, and adding the official course certificate. Added to this is what each tertiary institution may require and this will vary according to the institution itself and the level of degree for which the credit is being sought. Master’s level courses, for example, will invariably require a major assignment as well, something that may vary between 1000 and 3000 words. Please be aware that each institution will vary their demands, and that institutions will still expect payment for the ‘optional’ elective for which you are seeking credit. For tutors, completion of the activities is not possible during the course but this can be offset, of course, by explaining your added responsibility, energies and understanding in actually delivering the course.